Portugal – Traditional Crafts

Through some videos, games and quizzes, pupils got to know Minho Traditional Handicrafts and local artisans. https://puzzel.org/en/jigsaw/play?p=-MRyW6VyNyQbry9lO_SE https://puzzel.org/pt/slidingpuzzle/play?p=-MRyTvItgyh25e2TSyYF https://puzzel.org/pt/jigsaw/play?p=-MRyVSoJhqFpBKYq6srr https://media.rtp.pt/zigzag/videos/museu-arte-popular-reporter-mosca/

Portugal – Housekeeping

Think and Create your Own Hobbies - Portugal - Manual and Domestic Arts Club - House Chores

During the January school break, pupils were challenged to help their parents at home and participate in the housekeeping: folding clothes, watering plants, washing dishes, making the bed, dusting down, vacuuming, etc… Then, they summed the chore’s points so they could see how much was got done.