Bulgaria – Experimental mathematics

Experimental mathematics on the project “Think and create your own hobby” – Club “Sciences”. Students from the 6th grade participated, led by Mr. Yulian Kovachev, as well as Mrs. Maria Topalova, coordinator of the project for Bulgaria. The children presented their research and projects related to experimental mathematics. As well as self-created models and presentations. … Ler mais

Bulgaria – Experimental Science Club in 107 Primary school

Mr. Gosho Goev, physics teacher at the University, Department of Physics, presented to our youngest students interesting experimental show, related to water, force, movement, attraction, etc. Under his guidance, students conducted experiments and learned many interesting and new things about physical phenomena and the world around us. We thank Mr. Goev for this experimental show … Ler mais

Portugal – Day in the woods

Practical activities integrated in the STEAM methodology were prepared, aimed at integrated learning, based on projects and which promotes the formation of children in various areas of knowledge and life. In addition to intellectual preparation, several fundamental values ​​are also worked on, which will help the exercise of citizenship, in the present and future. The … Ler mais