Portugal – Day in the woods

Practical activities integrated in the STEAM methodology were prepared, aimed at integrated learning, based on projects and which promotes the formation of children in various areas of knowledge and life. In addition to intellectual preparation, several fundamental values ​​are also worked on, which will help the exercise of citizenship, in the present and future. The … Ler mais

Portugal – Taskmaster of the 4 elements of nature

Think and Create your Own Hobbies - Portugal - Science club

To celebrate World Environment Day, a competition was held dedicated to the four elements of nature. It consists of a set of STEM that aims at the development of activities developed to present solutions with a critical spirit and creativity to complete the challenges. They also provided teamwork and peer help and learning in a … Ler mais

Bulgaria – Herbariums

Think and Create your Own Hobbies - Bulgaria - Science club

And the youngest students from 1b grade, from 107 Khan Krum Primary School joined the Experimental Sciences Club of the project “Think and create your own hobby”, collecting, researching various plants and making herbariums with aromatic and medicinal plants. They found information about these plants and described their characteristics. In this way, our students learned … Ler mais