Turkey – LTT Greece

The 1st Day of the 6th LTT of the project has started with the opening ceremony at our partner school 9th Primary school of Nea Ionia. The headmaster and the school staff welcomed us Kindle and warmly. At the opening ceremony Greek students successfully perfomed samples from traditional dances of each country , then we made our presentations about the music and dance of our countries. As the activity of the first Day, the students attended a class and designed musical instruments out of recyclable objects. We ended our Day with the city tour after having the traditional Greek lunch. Many thanks to our Greek friends for such a sincere welcome.

On the second Day of our mobility in Greece, we visited the Nea Ionia Cultural Centre for theatre workshop where we had a drama class. After the workshop we walked in the lovely streets on Nea Ionia. Finally we had a delicious lunch at our partner school. We tasted the delicious Greek cuisine which was prepared by the parents of the school.

The third daybof our LTT started with a road trip to Trilaka, an old town 1 hour away from Volos. Despite the rain and fog we could see the manastry which was built on the Rocks which is the only one that can be reached by a vehicle. Other manastries in the area can only be reached by climbing up with ropes or ladders. In Trilaka we also had the chance to taste a traditional version of Halva which is made Of corn flour, water, butter and sugar. In the evening we visited the museum of Volos. We saw how People used to live here when they first settled down.

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