Portugal – Day in the woods

Practical activities integrated in the STEAM methodology were prepared, aimed at integrated learning, based on projects and which promotes the formation of children in various areas of knowledge and life. In addition to intellectual preparation, several fundamental values ​​are also worked on, which will help the exercise of citizenship, in the present and future. The promotion or enhancement of autonomy, creativity, concentration, the search for solutions and alternatives, teamwork, intercommunication, the achievement of an objective and a critical spirit, through this type of activities, will allow the formation of more awakened to the world around them, more empathetic, tolerant and more prepared to deal with adversity.

They were: identification of natural elements, target shooting, landscape design, yoga, building an insect hotel, sensory activity, playing shadow catch, creating a catapult to basket a ball, tree climbing and blind handball game. .

There were moments of great animation and sharing.

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