Turkey – LTT in Jelgava

1st Day of Latvia mobility. We met at the school, watched the great performance of the Latvian primary school students. Then we walked around in the school. After watchi g and performing traditional Latvian folk dance we went to the most popular cansy fctory Of Jelgava, Riga and Latvia for the candy workshop. And finally we had a city walk in the lovely Jelgava. Thanks to Jekaterina Leskavniece , Ligita Tamaliūnaitė and Lena for makine our Day beautiful, #Erasmusdays

On the 2nd Day of our mobility in #Latvia, we discovered the beautiful city Riga. We visited the monuments of the city. We had our dinner in one of the castles which is from the 14th century. It was quite interesting to have the dinner in the very traditional style of those years. #ErasmusDays

On the 3th Day of our mobility, we had our reading club activities. We had video conference.with our partner schools. The students introduced the famous and important authors and books from each country. In the afternoon we visited the huge library of Latvia ,which has 12 floors and thousands of books. We attended the marbling workshop there. It was an interesting experience for the wholw group. We enjoyed our time so much.

The 4th and the Last Day of our mobility: We went to a library where we learned about the story of writing. We had a calligraphy workshop. We went back to school and did our final activities. Then we set off for our countries after the ceremony and mascot hand-over ceremony. I would like to give my special thanks to my hardworking, beautiful and smart collegue Jekaterina Leskavniece and her co-workers Ligita Tamaliūnaitė and Lena, and of course the school director for hpsting us in such a comfortable environment and organising great events.

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