Turkey – LTT in Villarejo de Salvanés

The 1st Day of our 5th mobility: We met at the partner school C.E.I.P Nuestra Senora De La Victoria. The school staff and contact person Lucie Čechová welcomed us very Kindly. We watched the performances of the students. After the openning ceremony, we had a tour in the school. It was so kind of the teachers let us be in their classes. Students of the project did some experiments with the teacher of science. We had the chance to have lunch with delicious Paella, one of the traditional Spanish cuisines. In the afternoon we visited the castle and museum of the town.

On the second Day of our 5th mobility in Spain, we visited the beautiful city Madrid. We saw the monuments of the city, visited the experiment centre and tasted some traditional food. We took a double decker bus and toured the city in the evening to see the city Lights . It was a rainy day, but it was so amazing.

On the 3rd Day of our mobility , we visited the lovely town Cuenca . It was an ancient town with a beautiful view of the landscape. We enjoyed our Day in the space and experiment centre and tasted some of the most delicious samples of Spanish food.

The 4th and the Last Day of our mobility started with a visit to the Bull fighting arena. Then we moved to our partner school where we enjoyed a class of traditional Spanish dance of Flamenco. Each school presented a scientist from their country and did an experiment that theybhad prepared for their friends. After the certificate and mascot handover ceremony, we left the school for our hotels. We would like to give special thanks to Lucie Čechová and her project team for making our time fantastic and filmini our hearts with many unforgettable memories. Our students learnt a lot about being individual, surviving on their own and experiencing a different culture without their families. Mısırın completed. Next stop : Greece

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