1st LTT – Portugal

“The first project meeting in Edifacoop, Braga, Portugal! Games and toys! Wonderful days for children and teachers from all countries with many new friends and excellent activities!” – MARIA (Bulgaria coordenator)

“On the 3rd Day of our mobility, first we connected to our schools via Google meeting, then we designed our own toys using natural and waste materials. Each country introduced their traditional games and finally we enjoyed the music performance in nature. We had fantastic time all together. On the Last Day of our mobility in Braga, we met the teacher who teaches students how to skip rope in different styles. We enjoyed the activity so much. Then we tasted the traditional Portuguese cuisine and finally Mr. Alves, the ambitious headmaster who dedicated his 30 years to his school gave our certificates. Time to leave this lovely city and wonderful People of our project till the next time.” – ELIF (Turkey coordenator)

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